Eco Wave Power (NASDAQ: WAVE) is a Swedish company, founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2011, that has developed a patented, smart and cost-efficient technology for turning ocean and sea waves into green electricity. Eco Wave Power owns and operates a wave energy array, which is connected to the grid in accordance with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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ODE Pharma was born out of the collaboration between Pollen Group, Professor Shmuel Ben-Sasson (inventor and lead scientist) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ODE Pharma has developed an innovative and user-friendly biological medication that can potentially treat lung ailments and breathing difficulties, prevents deterioration of lung functions in people suffering from COVID-19, and enables them to recover quickly from the disease. The same pathological changes that compromise lung functions upon the COVID-19 infection also occur in other pulmonary diseases (e.g., influenza, asthma and CF) and thus can potentially be cured by our solution.


KIP Medical is focused on research and development of an innovative plant derived solution to treat patients with various pathological conditions involving dysregulation of the immune system, such as autoimmune diseases and transplanted organ rejection, increased activity of the immune system caused by inflammation and tissue damage, and more.


Kenaf Ventures is an impact company, focused on reducing the global greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of plastic, minerals, polluting materials, and other nonrenewable resources. By leveraging unique know-how and the mechanical properties of natural fibers, they create bio-based products that meet environmental goals, end-users’ demand for sustainability, improved properties and price competitive solutions.

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MAWii is focused on research and development of a unique solventless Cannabis extraction technology that utilizes pressure in order to obtain extremely rich concentrations and preserves the full medicinal value of Cannabis related phytochemicals (e.g. cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids).