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What if, you have an amazing idea for a startup and you want to raise funds to make your dreams come true? That’s great! There’s no greater time than now to make it happen.

The key is to stand out and succeed in the “sea of opportunities”. You must be armed with a good product and present a good story to it to distinguish you from all the “noise around”. Be convincing and engaging enough to persuade just anyone to hear you out about your product and your dream, hoping that in doing so, would land you into a favorable deal.

Our role is to be there for you as you take your great idea from point A to Z, from a simple concept to actual product development, brand building business plan, executive summary, company valuation and legal advice. By which time, you will be ready for raising your investment.


Fundraising is an important aspect for a startup. You cannot launch your product without the funds to produce it and cover its costs. It is also crucial to your success at an early stage to operate the business including marketing, delivery and customer service. We work with you in getting your funds through the preparation process, look for the proper channels to raise the funds and more importantly get into operating the business.

Fundraising covers the process of due diligence with investors and venture capitalists. Your presentation includes providing them the big picture as assurance that they are investing in a good company that’s about to launch a great product or service and capable of sustaining growth.

We will be with you in every step of the fundraising setup to ensure success. It will be a matter of matching you to the right investors with same business goals and visions.


Our mentoring services include 1-on-1 startup mentoring sessions that are aimed at entrepreneurs looking to launch a product or service, or to further develop an existing product. We conduct these sessions in an informal and relaxed environment at your convenience. In our sessions, we will cover all the relevant components of a startup, the types of business models that will fit your product/service, selecting your target market/customers, your company structure and all other aspects of an enterprise.

The key to a successful fundraiser is to be well prepared in presenting yourself as an entrepreneur, and the product or service you want to offer. Present your financial and company structure including the culture you want to cultivate, the key team players and the business model that fits the enterprise. Let us help you build a solid base and create a clear roadmap to achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.


Our established network in the Israeli market along with our business partners, investors, companies and key players in the global cannabis industry is our advantage and your key to penetrating the right market niche for your product. We aim to help your company grow in your existing markets, and to venture into new niches where your product will be relevantly needed.

Startups and enterprises must be flexible enough to look for new strategies to offer their products and services. The Strategic Sourcing services we provide to startups and companies help them reach new customers for any kind of product. We help in exploring niches in the cannabis market that is relevant to target customers who will appreciate your product and introduce the product to these niches. Our Strategic sourcing advisory is a systematic and fact-based approach to optimize and improve the overall value preposition of your enterprise and to score more deals.

Do you have a game changer solution
that solves a painful problem?

Pollen Group partner with brilliant entrepreneurs and startups in all stages, but we prefer to enter at early stage. We admire those who think outside the box and are driven by passion and high motivation to develop solutions to real life problems or needs.

Services For Investors

Screening and

The cannabis industry is gearing up for world wide invasion in terms of innovative products that produce astounding results in healthcare and leisure as well as profitability with social impact in uplifting the quality of life. Israel is right at the center of the disruptive change of perception on the benefits of cannabis as a legal drug in curing different types of diseases, helping to curtail addiction and substance abuse. At Pollen Group, we’ll give you an in-depth view of the industry in the country as well as the latest technologies and innovations that are starting to emerge in the market.

Start-ups are literally sprouting up everywhere with their innovative ideas and products that come with social and sustainable impact. Pollen Group Screening and Evaluation process of start-ups provides you the information on why they are the right pairing for your goal of efficient ROI and SRI. As our client, we will walk you through a selection of start-up innovators that match your criteria of business objectives and explain the idea that offers viable returns and sustainable growth.

due diligence

Pollen Group knows the risks of venturing into an emerging market such as the cannabis medical and leisure niches with new innovations and technologies. Investing with start-ups in the new markets revive the pioneering spirit of venturing into the unknown and requires the sensibility of strategic due diligence. We’ll lower your risks by understanding the complete picture.

Pollen Group’s Strategic Due Diligence answers two vital inquiries you have with startup capital ventures – the start-up’s innovative product or service commercial appeal and the capability of realizing the focused value. We’ll give you the full understanding on the startups beginnings, product innovation, technology, management team, company culture, process, and, more importantly, it’s commercial appeal that will result to fast and substantial ROI and SRI. From here you can assess and make the decisions on how it fits your investment profile and at what level you wish to invest in the emerging company. We lower your risks and make it easier for you to decide if the startup is right for your investment portfolio.


Negotiation management and deal execution are the nitty gritty of acquisition. Pollen Group has the right team to comb through the details of negotiation, manage it to ensure that your vision of success in the venture follows through, and streamline the deal process for fast execution.

Before sitting at the negotiation table, due diligence must be paid to different aspects of investing in a start-up in an emerging market such as the medical and recreational cannabis industries that encompass financial, strategic, operational and transactional details of the company. In the capacity of lead advisor, our work is to go through all the documents, and organize all information to create an analytical basis for a comprehensive plan for you that’s concrete in your vision but flexible enough to align it with the start-up’s own objectives and business aspirations.

Pollen Group takes care of providing all documentation before and during negotiation, and once the deal is pushed through and executed. We’ll provide, at an advisory level, the creation of an upstanding letter of intent, and sale and purchase agreements, including transactional service agreements that meet your approval and satisfaction.


Pollen Group is taking investment management to a deeper depth. Portfolio management services provide professional management of your investments to create wealth. Our services go further than the traditional management of investment to consulting and mentoring of your portfolio companies to stay on top of their technologies; veer them and their innovations to the sub-niches within the cannabis industry where they’d be more effective both in giving the preferred ROI and SRI; and establish their place in the market.

The global cannabis industry is a fast-emerging market with social impact. But it is still subject to different issues and drawbacks that startups and innovators must navigate in order to establish their presence and continue to grow as well as pivot or access other markets. With Pollen Group’s expertise in accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the industry, consulting and mentoring start-ups within your portfolio will ensure continuous creation of wealth.

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We have deep experience in supporting and partnering with high net worth individuals, private equities and institutional investors for mutual growth and success. We build trust and security through shared values and provide special care to each of our customers.